Free Health Insurance For College Student - Is it Essential to Have College Health Insurance?

Now that you have finally completed your high school education and are now pursuing your dreams by attending college, there are a few things that you need to ponder over other than just worrying about studies. One such thing is the aspect of health insurance. All this while beginning from your childhood till you reached 20 years of age, you were covered under the health insurance of your parents and will no longer be covered under it. This will be a difficulty as you are not working now as you are in college. So, how do you tackle this problem? You need to consider taking up a college health insurance plan. But, make sure to go over the details of the plan to ensure that the plan is best for you.

The benefits provided through college health insurance plans vary from one institute to the other. Although the popular belief is that many wrongly assume that these services are for free. Although consultations and checkup will not be charged in anyway, the individual has to bear expenses like lab tests or consulting a specialist. If services are availed at the health center of the college, the insurance will usually cover the expenses and nothing is paid by the student. But, if a specialist outside the campus is consulted, the coverage goes down and a high deductible is usually necessary.

If the student suffers from any preexisting problems, these are not covered if treated even at the college campus health center. Although treatment can be availed, the expenses need to be borne by the student themselves. It also poses way for fresh trouble as any illness that arises as a complication of the preexisting illness is also not covered by the college health insurance plan.

Since college health insurance plans can vary from one campus to the other, it is best to thoroughly learn about the benefits provided by your college health insurance plan. Check if the insurance plan provides coverage during your holidays when the college is not functioning and classes are not on. This needs to be checked as any mishap or illness during your holidays might not get coverage as your college health insurance may not be active during this period. While some plans provide coverage during this period, others might not.

Also, check about the details provided with the plan. See if the plan belongs to HMO type or you can just visit any physician under the plan? This is important to keep in mind for you to seek proper care in case of any medical emergency because if you have to visit a physician or hospital within a prescribed network you will be in trouble if you visit someone outside the given network.

Although it is debated on both sides about the essentiality of a college student opting for college health insurance, there is no ultimate answer. But, if you are planning on taking up one, it is best to thoroughly understand every benefit and detail about the plan so that you will not be in for a surprise when any emergency arises. While the insurance does not come free of cost, it will definitely be useful in case of any medical expenses due to an unexpected illness or a mishap.